Perth International Regatta – RS:X Open Up Top, Down Under

The event – the 2010 Perth International Regatta is the lead-in to the Perth 2011 Olympic qualifiers. Several international teams took the chance to get some experience with the Perth courses.

The RS:X sailors from Europe shared their stories while waiting for the Perth wind to fill-in.

Flavia Tartaglini (ITA) and Marcelien Bos de Koning (NED) were two of the RS:X Open sailors waiting for wind at Bathers Beach in Fremantle Western Australia.

Flavia started sailing the Optimist at 6 years old, like most of the sailors here for competition in Perth. She was competing around Europe in fencing when at 15 years old she took up windsurfing for fun. Her home beach is Ostia, part of Rome Italy. She’s an only child and misses her mom back in Italy. They talk every day, but Flavia was quite insistent that she’s committed to being a full-time sailor.

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US 470 Teams and Coaches: Here, There, Then and Now (22 Nov 2010)

470 sailor Stuart McNay and coach Nigel Cochran

Stuart McNay US 470 skipper and coach Nigel Cochran

‘S-McNay – 2010 Perth International Regatta’ Shauna McGee Kinney

Stuart McNay and Graham Biehl (USA 1713), Adam Roberts and Nick Martin (USA 81) and their coaches – Morgan Reeser and Nigel Cochran look at the recent-past and changes in Olympic qualifying and 470 team development.

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Perth 2010 Canadian 49ers Waiting for Breeze (21 Nov 2010)

By Shauna McGee Kinney

Canada 49er sailboat

Perth 2010 – Canadian 49er sailors Gordon Cook and Hunter Lowden (sail CAN 049) and Billy Gooderham and Ian Hogan (sail CAN 1185) are racing at the 2010 Perth test event.

Its an important venue for the Canadian high performance sailors who finished second and third at the recent 49er North American titles. Cook was 14th at the 2008 Olympic regatta in Qingdao

Looking forward to London 2012, three quarters of each event’s entry quota shall be qualified from those best ranked countries in each of the relevant events at the 2011 ISAF Sailing World Championships (Perth 2011).

So the two Canadian 49er crews are down under to check out the venue and the conditions, which are expected to be strong. However in November 2010 they have had to battle light wind rather than the brisk wind, or even any wind, that Fremantle and Western Australia should usually deliver.

Not a great regatta so far for either of the crews, both keen to improve their position, but frustrated by the lack of wind.

Their results so far?

17 Gordan COOK, Hunter LOWDEN CAN (15) 7 2 11 7 10 8 15 75 60
28 Billy GOODERHAM, Ian HOGAN CAN 16 12 6 (18) OCS 5 17 13 None 87 69

Yesterday, it was more of the same, the teams were quiet on the beach, with hushed talk about when to launch and how much time was needed to reach the furthest course – the Leighton Course for that day’s events.

As they finished rigging and gave the nod to go, they watched the French team get towed by the coaches boat out of the Fremantle Sailing Club harbor. Their coach shook his head and stood, ready to escort the two Canadian boats out to the course.

Later that afternoon, spectators at Bathers Beach, part of the shoreline closer to the Leighton Course watched the 49ers being towed back down to the Fremantle Sailing Club.

We are looking forward to an interview with the Canadian teams later today.

Reprint of the 2010 Perth International Regatta coverage. Perth 2010 Canadian 49ers waiting for breeze. Original article was published 21 Nov 2010. Redistributed with permission from Sail-World / Tetra Media.

Darren Smith Looks at Hobie Cat Racing Past and Future

Congratulations to the team of Darren Smith / Jasmine Hill for the 3rd place out of 31 Hobie 16s at the 2010 Western Australian Hobie State Championships. The regatta was held 27-28 February at Jervoise Bay Sailing Club located several kilometers south of Fremantle.

Darren's dad and Darren - keeping the family together is part of what makes sailing work

Darren has been in and out of racing Hobie Cats — and at both ends of the boat as both crew and as a skipper. Ironically, this year he raced and placed at the same club where he first started sailing. His sailing career started at the age of six as crew on the Hobie 16 for his dad. As Darren grew up he crewed for various skippers including Ray Armitage and on the Hobie 18 for Gordon Golby. At 21, he started skippering and has since put in over 20 years of experience at the helm.

Darren and Elizabeth Smith together at Jervoise Bay Sailing Club

Remembering back at Darren’s childhood and forward to his future sailing he added, “Keep the family involved and take them with you.” Darren, his family and the other competitors had a great time living together at the Jervoise Bay campsite. There was a thrilling and fun atmosphere in the evenings with non-sailing families and friends enjoying overnight, morning and lunch time together at the venue.

On the water, Darren is a pretty serious sailor and some say he takes racing too seriously. At the higher levels of racing, sailors like Darren increase their training days, especially before a major event. Darren prepares by sailing both days on the weekends and fitting one weeknight of sailing in for several weeks before Nationals and States.

The secret to Darren’s success wasn’t memorizing the course and the wind shifts. His secret was looking at the whole course. He planned his some of his tactics in several races based on how the the wind was effecting a group of keelboats racing a separate course upwind from the Hobie course. The wind predictions paid off. Additionally, he suggested that newer sailors need to concentrate on staying out of trouble (such as being in a good position at the start and around the marks), sail a technically good race and finish every race.

Darren Smith / Jasmine Hill top 3rd overall at the 2010 WA Hobie State Championship

Darren predicts that the future of Hobie Cat racing is having a variety of events from local club races to distance races to the national and the world championships. He encourages all levels of sailors to participate in as many events as they can.

Moving into the future, look for Darren and his family at the 2010 / 2011 Australian Hobie Championship at Jervis Bay in Vincentia – New South Wales from 30 December 2010 to 5 January 2011 ( /

ABOUT The 2010 Western Australian Hobie 16 Championship

The 2010 Western Australian Hobie 16 State Championships were held Saturday 27 February and Sunday 28 February at Jervoise Bay Sailing Club located several kilometers south of Fremantle. Gill Australia, Sail Power Marine and Jervoise Bay Sailing Club sponsored the two day championship event.

Gill Australia - marine apparel and equipment

SailPower logo - Marine Chandlery - Perth - Australia

Shauna McGee Kinney, 2009/2010 Media Contact
Hobie Cat Association Western Australia
SKYPE ShaunaMcGee2000
(AUS) +61 8 9467-2663  (USA) +1 760 208-4663
Additional photos available upon request.

A Gusty 2010 Western Australian Hobie 16 Championship

Gavin Colby and Sasha Marks add the WA State Title to their Aus National Title

2010 Western Australian State Champions, Gavin Colby – skipper and Sasha Marks – crew, were delighted with the great event and wonderful venue. The 2010 Western Australian Hobie 16 State Championships were held Saturday 27 February and Sunday 28 February at Jervoise Bay Sailing Club located several kilometers south of Fremantle, Western Australia.

30 boats participated in the combined Open, Womens, Youth, Masters and Grand Masters races. 10 races were held in a gusty easterly breeze with some gusts reaching above 25 kts. This wasn’t the easiest regatta to race due to heavy, shifty winds coming off the land. However, given the strong conditions, the Jervoise Bay course was still less shifty than the Swan River in Perth during those same race days.

Despite the athletic and demanding conditions the many teams had great fun camping and socializing on the beach after races. There were good stories being shared from the front of the fleet to the back of the fleet and the friendly banter carried on to the water each day.

Gavin said his most exciting moments were at the starts when he would tack onto port and thread the fleet. He “sorted out the problems” and ducked boats (gave way to) as he went. Sasha and Gavin agreed that the theme song for their boat should be “The Gambler” given the crowd of starboard boats.

By the second day, Gavin and Sasha were fighting to maintain consistency. For their team, the state championships followed a busy, long work week and late evening parties at the beach. “The wind was howling and I had to pull my head into the boat to be consistent,” commented Gavin.

Gavin’s advice to teams building their skill is, “Make your own decisions and commit to your decisions. Do what you need to do to make your line and don’t be influenced by what other boats are doing …” After a pause Gavin recalled, “… even the best make mistakes,” as he referred to capsizing in the last race on Sunday.

Congratulations to the Western Australian Hobie 16 Open winners – Gavin Colby / Sasha Marks, Cam Owen / Susan Ferris and Darren Smith / Jasmine Hill. Look for the elite Western Australian teams at the 2010 Hobie 16 World Championships in Weihai, Shangdon, CHINA from 15 to 30 August 2010.

ABOUT The 2010 Western Australian Hobie 16 Championship
The 2010 Western Australian Hobie 16 State Championships were held Saturday 27 February and Sunday 28 February at Jervoise Bay Sailing Club located several kilometers south of Fremantle. Gill Australia, Sail Power Marine and Jervoise Bay Sailing Club sponsored the two day championship event.

ABOUT Hobie Catamarans
The Hobie 16 is a 16 foot / 4.9 m catamaran with two sailors and has been a popular racing catamaran for 40 years. Hobie Cats were born in a surfboard shop in Southern California in 1969 and are named after the designer, Hobie Alter. Numerous Hobie catamarans have been designed over the years with the most popular racing boats ranging from 14 feet to 20 feet in length. The boats are easy to launch from sandy beaches, physically rewarding to sail and popular all over the world.

Shauna McGee Kinney, 2009/2010 Media Contact
Hobie Cat Association Western Australia
SKYPE ShaunaMcGee2000
(AUS) +61 8 9467-2663 (USA) +1 760 208-4663

Photos available upon request.



A 2008 Australia II anniversary pure silver coin from The Perth Mint will be given in tribute at the 50th HMAS Perth Memorial Regatta ceremony.

The Perth Mint joins survivors, family, dignitaries and local yachtsman in honoring the HMAS Perth and USS Houston sailors with a memorial event at Nedlands Yacht Club on Sunday 21 February 2010 at 13:00 hours. The event is held in association with the HMAS Perth Survivors Association and the Naval Association of Australia (Fremantle sub-section) on the Swan River foreshore.

Many of the HMAS Perth and USS Houston sailors were lost in the Sundra Strait battle near Java on 1 March 1942. Though 68 years have passed since the battle, the survivors and family members, through to great-grandchildren, remember the importance of the sailors’ sacrifice by attending this event each year.

The 2008 Australia II anniversary coin will be presented during the tribute to Captain Hector Waller, DSO, RAN, and the crew of HMAS Perth and USS Houston. This year’s presentation will include a parade by the Fremantle Sailing Club’s Pipes & Drums and a Guard of Honour by the Australian Navy Cadets. Following the ceremony, Captain Dowsing – Commander of HMAS Stirling will open the regatta for an expected 100 sailboats. Nedlands Yacht Club will provide afternoon tea to the 200 families and special guests while the regatta is underway.

Nedlands Yacht Club (NYC) is located off the Esplanade past Bessell Avenue along in Nedlands, Western Australia. The club welcomes the public to share in the presentation and watch the regatta that follows the ceremony. General public attendees may bring picnic lunches or may purchase lunch from the NYC galley. Parking at this event is free and there is a family playground within walking distance for children. No reservation is required for public attendees and please note that NYC is fully licensed and no outside alcohol is permitted at the venue.

Yachting Australia members are invited to participate in the regatta that follows the ceremony at approximately 14:00 hours. Notice of Race and Entry is available at or by request.
ABOUT The Australia II Anniversary Coin
The commemorative coin is struck by The Perth Mint from 1 ounce of 99.9% pure silver in proof quality.  The collector coin is one of a limited mintage of only 5,000 coins issued worldwide. The coin celebrates the 25th anniversary of Australia’s 1983 America’s Cup victory and Australia’s yachting and seamanship legacy. The Perth Mint has beautifully depicted the “winged” keel and the Australia II yacht flying the coloured spinnaker in this 2008-dated coin. The coin is presented with a numbered certificate in a folder with a piece of Australia II’s original KA-6 spinnaker cloth. For further information on this commemorative Australian legal tender issue contact The Perth Mint on (08) 9421 7223, online at of visit The Perth Shop at 310 Hay Street (cnr Hill Street) in East Perth.

ABOUT The 50th HMAS Perth Memorial Regatta
The 50th HMAS Perth Memorial Regatta will commence at 13:00 hours on Sunday 21 Feburary 2010 at Nedlands Yacht Club, The Esplanade, Nedlands, WA on the Swan River foreshore. The annual ceremony and regatta is held in association with the HMAS Perth Survivors Association and the Naval Association of Australia (Fremantle sub-section) to remember the sailors lost and survivors from the HMAS Perth and USS Houston in the 1 March 1942 battle.

Family members of HMAS Perth or USS Houston sailors who wish to attend the presentation and afternoon tea should contact

Julia or Chris through Nedlands Yacht Club or (08) 9386 5496

All other questions can be directed to

Shauna McGee Kinney, News and Promotions
Nedlands Yacht Club
SKYPE ShaunaMcGee2000
(AUS) +61 8 9467-2663 (USA) +1 760 208-4663

Photos available with permission from The Perth Mint for use with this news release only

Australia II coin

Link to the coin details

Sun 31 Jan: Perth. AUS Hobie Champ Gavin Colby Speaks

The top three champions for the The Hog’s Breath Cafe & Hobie Cat Australasia – Australian Hobie Class National Championships 2009 / 2010 were (1) Gavin Colby/Sasha Marks, (2) Darren Smith/Josie Mark, (3) Taylor Booth/Emma Sturgeon.

Races were held from 2 – 5 January 2010 at the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club. The first three days challenged the 47 teams’ endurance with strong wind-speeds and persistent wind-swell. The final day offered complex light-wind conditions and a welcome change for many of the Hobie 16 sailors.

Full results are available

Australian Hobie Champs Gavin Colby and Sasha Marks

Gavin and Sasha race for another win at the 2009 / 2010 Hobie 16 Open

On Sunday 31 January at 10 AM, Gavin Colby – 2009 / 2010 Australian Hobie 16 National Champion will be giving a  sailing clinic at Nedlands Yacht Club located on the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia. Gavin will interacting with the audience’s questions in addition to talking about a variety of aspects of sailing in the Nationals.

Parking is free and no reservation is required. Food can be purchased from the Nedlands Yacht Club (NYC) galley. Races will start at 1:30 PM. Guests are welcome to enjoy the bar and facility during and after racing. NYC is fully licensed, please no outside alcoholic beverages on the premises.

Click here for a map to Nedlands Yacht Club