Australian Hobie Championship – Gavin Colby Returns

After a five-year hiatus from major Hobie 16 competitions, Gavin Colby returns to the top of the Australian National spotlight.

For the last three years, Gavin has been competing in only two regattas a year, because his career with Virgin Blue had quite literally taken-off, he’s a pilot for the airline.

The return to the West coast was a good move for Gavin. He’s been racing once a week at his old club, Nedlands Yacht Club, and putting in a consistent extra day of practice each week, between his work obligations. He makes the time for sailing and even held a skipper’s clinic for his fellow sailors in November.

Gavin’s crew, Sasha Marks, is an athlete who’d done many sports other than sailing like water skiing and competitive netball. She’s a flight attendant for Virgin Blue who knew Gavin through mutual friends. Sasha admits she was frightened the first time she went sailing with Gavin. After that one sail, she admitted she was OK with the rest of the racing.

He explained his new sailing strategy as “just trying to have fun”. He added I do sometimes have bad finishes, like today when we were 19th out of a fleet of 47 boats. Finishing in the middle of the fleet hasn’t worried Gavin and he’ll be back on the course tomorrow, having fun with Sasha and Gavin at the front of the field.

Gavin Colby leading hobie 16 skippers clinic in November

Part of the Australian National Championship course was visible from the Mandurah / Silver Sands shoreline making this one of the best sailing venues for spectators. The races were run with world-quality precision by the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club and with support from the Hobie Cat Association Western Australia. The participants and race officials spoke highly of the location, the racing and the hospitality.

ABOUT The Hog’s Breath Cafe & Hobie Cat Australasia
Australian Hobie Class National Championships 2009/2010

In addition to the incredible annual sponsorship from The Hog’s Breath Cafe & Hobie Cat Australasia, generous contributions have been made by SailPower Chandlery, ClubMarine Boating Insurance, Intelligent Life Air Conditioning, Amberley Estate Wines and FonteLaura Water. The regatta was organised by the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club with help from the Hobie Cat Association Western Australia.

ABOUT Hobie Catamarans
The Hobie 16 is a 16 foot / 4.9 m catamaran with two sailors and has been a popular racing catamaran for 40 years. Hobie Cats were born in a surfboard shop in Southern California in 1969 and are named after the designer, Hobie Alter. Numerous Hobie catamarans have been designed over the years with the most popular racing boats ranging from 14 feet to 20 feet in length. The boats are easy to launch from sandy beaches, physically rewarding to sail and popular all over the world.


Shauna McGee Kinney, 2009/2010 Media Contact
Hobie Cat Association Western Australia
SKYPE ShaunaMcGee2000
(AUS) +61 8 9467-2663 (USA) +1 760 208-4663

Photos available upon request.


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