Europe on Two Hulls

Emma Sturgeon and Taylor Booth are competing in Europe right now in a variety of International Hobie 16, Formula 16 (16 foot catamaran with spinnaker) and F18 class events. Emma and Taylor have received support from many including Nedlands Yacht Club, MJSAWA and Hobie Europe to participate in these competitions.

In recent news, our “NYC Sailing Team” raced the Round Texel race (North Holland), an 80 km distance race open to a variety of classes of boats. They placed 54th overall in unfavorable conditions of very light wind and large swell. There were 140 boats that didn’t start due to the difficult conditions.

The local cat racing community and the NYC members send their congratulations to Emma and Taylor for top finishes including 2nd in French Hobie 16 Nationals, 3rd at Hobie 16 German Nationals, 8th at Eurocat and versatility between the Hobie 16 (no spinnaker) and Fomula 16 (spinnaker cat).

As part of their racing and sponsorship, the team is demoing boats for Hobie Europe and participating in a variety of publicity events. This June, Emma and Taylor travelled to Barcelona, Spain to teach a youth sailing clinic between their many races.

The weather has kept many of our regular racers in the compound. Our sailors are looking forward to the warmer weather and better sailing conditions. When the weather warms, many of our catamaran teams will be training for and competing in the following major events in Western Australia. Be sure to add these events to your calendar. Spectators are invited and volunteers are needed.

Date, Event, Location
27 – 28 Sep 2009
Cat Classic
29 – 31 December 2009
Hobie National Championship Series 1
H16 Youths, Women, Masters & Grandmasters, Tigers, H14, H17, H18, H20
Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club

2 – 5 Jan 2010
Hobie 16 Open
Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club

Information and contacts are listed on the Nedland’s Yacht Club site and

Hobie Cat Western Australia

2009-2010 Hobie Cat National Championships

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